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Where is Sarah currently located?


Sarah is currently located at a private studio in Fayetteville, NC. She is currently doing all tattoos and consultations by appointment only.


How does booking work? 


Sarah does all booking requests through a form linked on the booking page. This form only opens every few months to keep wait times manageable. Please fill out the form to the best of your ability and attach reference photos. Please be patient and allow at least a few weeks for responses. 


When books are open, how is it determined who gets tattooed? 


Sarah tries to choose tattoos by asking herself:


-Would I enjoy tattooing this piece?


-Does the client want a piece in my style?


-Is the client giving me creative freedom? 


-Am I able to express my creativity and artistic style through this piece? 

Unfortunately this means there are often more people who want to get tattooed than possible (which Sarah is incredibly grateful for). Your tattoo is important! Sadly, she still has to turn away people due to limited space. 

Where can I see what tattoos are in Sarah's style?


The best place to see what type of tattoos Sarah is currently enjoying is on instagram, @sarahdurnotattoos. This is where Sarah keeps her portfolio up to date, and she often posts drawings of pieces that she is interested in doing. 

My booking request was accepted, now what? 


If your booking form is accepted you will receive an email from Sarah. Some larger projects will require an in person consultation, which are free of charge, a set time for you and Sarah to sit down and discuss your project in more detail together to make sure she is the right fit for your tattoo! Other projects may get scheduled immediately, Sarah and you will agree on a date and time that works for you both, and to hold that spot a nonrefundable deposit of $150 will be required. This deposit will come off the final price of your tattoo! 

Why did I lose my deposit?


Your deposit is COMPLETELY nonrefundable, this is because if a client cancels last minute Sarah does not have ample time to fill your spot with another client who may have been patiently waiting. Examples of when deposits will be lost include but are not limited to: if a client cancels within two days of the appointment, if a client no shows to an appointment, if the client reschedules an excessive amount of times. Sarah knows emergencies happen! If something is interfering with your appointment, please let her know immediately to avoid losing your deposit. Deposits will not be refunded if you cancel your appointment, if you reschedule with ample notice your deposit will be pushed to your next appointment. Sarah has a strict no racism, no homophobia, no hate policy. Your appointment will be canceled if you are any way disrespectful or creating a negative environment.  

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